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Is your product or service gear to people who love tulips, Holland, travel, gardening and /or (flower) photography and do you want to promote your product or service to a large group of people?  Than keep on reading this page!

Who are we?

Tulips in Holland is the largest online community with people who love tulips, Holland, travel, gardening and /or (flower) photography. Since 2013 we are focused more globally than only the Netherlands with the addition of the tulip festivals around the world. We are unique in the world and you won’t find another blog or social media about it. We are an independent blog, don’t belong to any commercial company and therefore we are free to work with everyone in the field.

Tulips in Holland was never planned to be a blog. It grew from a few photos for family and friends to a multi-account social media network with thousands of followers within a couple of years. We are truly passionate about our main subjects. We have jobs that we love and don’t blog for a living. Therefore, no forced or insincere writing will be found on our website. We promote the things we love ourselves.

Our readers and followers

We have a very unique niche with highly interactive followers. All our accounts and contacts are grown organically without buying fake followers. Our website is consistently ranked among the top 20 travel blogs of the weekly travel top 1000 by Rise.Global. With exposure and advertising on, it’s possible to reach a highly commercial demographic. Readers regularly use the site as a source for useful, interesting and inspirational travel information. Readers have purchased tours, visited recommended websites, changed travel itineraries or bought bulbs based on recommendations published on this website and corresponding social media.

Perfect showcase for your product or service is the perfect showcase for your tulip destination, company, service or product to raise awareness among tulip lovers around the world.  We are open for inspiring collaborations with companies with products and services on the topics of tulips, tulip festivals, Holland, travel, gardening and photography.

Together we will find a specific promotion strategy that will create interesting and good quality content for the readers and followers of Tulips in Holland and at the same time achieving your promotion goals.

Business opportunities

Have a look what business opportunities we have available:

  • Sponsored content
  • Social media campaign
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Contest & Give-aways
  • Banner ads
  • Events and travel

If you are looking for custom private tulip tours for your travel company, we can organize this with our partners. If you are looking for tulip (field) photography we have a couple of wonderful photographers in our database. And if you are looking for other collaborations than mentioned above just let us know, we might be interested.

Let’s work together!

Let’s explore which opportunities can get your brand in front of Tulips in Holland travel, tulips and Holland loving audience. Send us an email to or send a message on one of our social media below.

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