Amsterdam Tulp Festival

Every year many tourists visit the Keukenhof to see all kinds of tulips. But wouldn’t it be a great idea to see the tulips in the city of Amsterdam as well? Landscape architect Saskia Albrecht decided after visiting the Tulip Festival in Istanbul to organize a tulip festival in the city of Amsterdam.

Dutch Kissing Couple

Every now and than I come across something typical Dutch in a new way. All the people who have travelled to the Netherlands will remember the Dutch Kissing Couple. You can find them in all shapes and formats at the tourist- and souvenir shops.

Hilton Airport Schiphol

I spend some time at airport hotels outside the Netherlands so when I was invited for the tour and opening of the Hilton Airport Schiphol I was curious how airport hotels looked like in the Netherlands. I really wanted to know if the Hilton Airport Schiphol Hotel could be a match for the readers of Tulips in Holland.

Tickets and tours

Since last week we are offering individual tickets to Keukenhof (incl. parking tickets) and tours from Amsterdam to Keukenhof with our new partner Ticketbar. Ticketbar offer tickets and tours around

First flower field with daffodils

The first flower field of 2016 is visible! A beautiful small field of daffodils along the road in the town of Lisse, very close to the Keukenhof.

Flower update week 7: Early to regular spring time

Early to regular spring time – Until now we have a very mild winter in the Netherlands. If this weather continues we will heading for an early to regular springtime this year.

Top 6 places to visit in the Netherlands

There is so much to see and do in the Netherlands than just visiting our capital Amsterdam. Small quaint town, seaside villages, lovely flower fields at springtime. The Netherlands has a lot to offer. We selected the top 6 places to visit in the Netherlands besides Amsterdam.

Chocolate with tulips

As a chocolate and tulip lover I get very enthusiastic when these things come together. What if you get the possibility to taste chocolade with tulips? Than you just have to go and try it! Won’t you?