Tulip festival

Map Keukenhof 2017

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  1. Mike says:

    How has the weather been concerning the outdoor tulip fields?

    1. Nienke says:

      Hi Mike, The weather is changing a lot in March. Cold and warm weather, rain, storm, and sunshine are all present, sometimes at one day.
      My expectations are that the majority of the tulip fields will bloom around the end of april (like in a regular year) but this can change as the weather is constantly changing.

  2. Albi says:


    I would like to ask you a question regarding visit Keukenfof from a amateur photographer’s perspective. 3rd week of April we will stay 1 night in Lisse (about 10 minutes walk to Keukenfof). We have 2 options: 1) afternoon to close or 2) when it opens the door until….Where should we visit first to avoid the crowded or congested areas if we enter early in the morning or stay late in the evening? Of course it still depends on the weather (dry or rain) but I just assume it is dry day. Our day is Wednesday and Thursday.

    Many thanks for your reply!

    1. Nienke says:

      The most busiest time is between 10 AM and 4 PM, the time the tour bus companies arrive and leave. I prefer to photograph early in the morning just after opening and after 5 PM. If you really into photographing the flowers, I would advise you to start in the morning and stay until the evening 😉

  3. MARÍA says:

    First of all congratulations for your blog I think it is great and really useful.
    I would like to ask you about the tulips update in the second week of May because I am going to Amsterdam between 7 and 10 of May and I worried about this. Could you help me?
    Thank you very much

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