Beaches in the Netherlands

Beaches in the Netherlands

With 353 km kilometer of North sea coastline the Netherlands has a lot of beaches to relax. Unfortunately we have a mild sea climate and the days that it actually nice to sit on the beach are a few every year. Nevertheless the beaches are beautiful all year round from a hard storm in February to the last indian summer sunshine in October.

Have a look to this overview of beautiful beaches in the Netherlands:

  • Terschelling – situated in the Unesco Wadden Sea this island is famous for its wide beaches. At least 30 km of beaches can be found here. some of them are over 500 meters wide. With its 70 km of bicycle paths and numerous restaurants and bars it is a popular holiday destination for the Dutch.
  • Schiermonnikoog – the smallest island in the Unesco Wadden Sea and is a national park as well. This island has a very rich fauna and flora. This island is not only famous for its beaches but as well for the quietness. Cars are not allowed on this island and it is one of the places in the Netherlands where you can see the stars above. (not a lot of light pollution)
  • Bergen aan Zee – A small seaside village perfect for surfers en sailers of a catamaran is situated close to the city of Alkmaar. The surrounding area houses the largest dunes of the Netherlands in the town of Schoorl and the nature reserve Hondsbossche zeewering is nearby.
  • Scheveningen & Kijkduin are the beaches of the governmental capital The Hague (Den Haag) Lots of people draw towards these active beaches in summer time. The pier in Schevingen has a Ferris Wheel and abseil activities among the cafe and restaurants. Kijkduin is the self claimed Pokemon capital of the Netherlands where people can find rare Pokemons in the phone game.
  • Cadzand-bad is one of the cleanest beaches of the Netherlands. It is located close to the border of Belgium. It has a wide beach and beautiful dunes area. It claims to have to most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands. Perfect for a beach holiday.
  • Zandvoort and Bloemendaal aan zee are located next to each other. Zandvoort can easily be reached by train from Haarlem and Amsterdam. During warm summer days these trains are full with family and friends going to the beach.
  • Langevelderslag isn’t that busy. Located in the Bollenstreek it is the closest beach to the Keukenhof. It is perfect for a lunch or diner stop when you cycle through the flower fields.
  • Noordwijk nice beaches with restaurants and cafes. As my family lives in this seaside town it is the beach for me. Noordwijk is also the start of the spring flower parade at the end of april and is at a bike distance of the lovely flower fields near Keukenhof.
  • Katwijk is located south of Noordwijk but has a totally different feel. Parking is very easy under the dunes near the beaches. It has a lovely vibe.

City Beaches

Sometimes the cities are located to far away from the actual beach that they create a city beach inside the city. When visiting Amsterdam during summer make sure you visit Blijburg Amsterdam for a beach feeling.

Beach webcam

Is it a good day to go to the beach? Have a look at the webcam:

Photo credits: NBTC Holland Marketing

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