History of the Keukenhof

The area where the Keukenhof is situated was a hunting grounds in the 15th century. The castle of Jacoba van Beieren can still be seen outside the Keukenhof grounds (at the other side of the road). And the personnel of this castle were collecting herbs for the kitchen, hence the name Keukenhof (keuken = Kitchen).

The current park was a section of the sizeable estate of Slot Teylingen, with beautiful untamed bushes and dunes. After the decease of Jacoba van Beieren, Keukenhof fell into the hands of rich merchant families. Baron and baroness Van Pallandt invited landscape architects J.D. and L.P. Zocher, designers of the Amsterdam Vondelpark, to make a design for the garden around the castle. This design, in the English landscape style, has always been the basis of Keukenhof.

At the moment the estate belongs to a corporation. On the initiative of the Lisse mayor of that time and a number of leading flower bulb growers and exporters, an open air flower exhibition was organised here for the first time in 1949. This expanded to an annually recurring event that has always drawn great numbers of visitors from all over the world. This is how Keukenhof became the park that we now know.

When can I visit the Keukenhof?
For 2022 the Keukenhof is open from 23 March to 15 May (inclusive) 2022. Opening times are 08:00 AM – 7:30 PM (8.00 – 19.30 hrs). Ticket office closes at 6 PM.

What is the best time to see the flowers?
Spring flowers are blooming somewhere between March to May. It depends on the flower and the temperature of the months in Januari, February and March when it is the best time to watch them in bloom.

  • Snowwhites – February – March
  • Crocus – February – March
  • Daffoldils – March and April
  • Hyacints – April and May
  • Tulips – April and May

With a normal temperature in those months the best time of viewing is the second half of April and the first week of May. With low temperatures the viewing time is a bit later and with warm temperatures the viewing time is earlier. Just check this site to see when your favorite flowers are blooming.

And be aware that after a couple of days of flowering the farmers take the head of the flower to strengthen the bulb for export. (mostly in the last week of April or first week of May)

What can I see at the Keukenhof?
The keukenhof has lots of flowers on display. A small portion is displayed indoors so during rainfall you still can enjoy the flowers. Besides flowers there is a windmill, you can see the surrounding flowerfields and there are a lot of activities during weekends.
You can also bring a visit to the small petting zoo for children and there are some nice playgrounds. And there are numerous gift shops, restaurants, snack shops all around the Keukenhof.

See this page for the Keukenhof gardens map.

When is the flower parade?
The flower parade for 2022 is held at the 23rd of April. More information about the flower parade can be found here. Just like last year the Flower Parade is passing the Keukenhof in the afternoon. For best viewing options see the map here. The route of the flower parade will be announced around March 2022. The route of the previous parades can be found here.

How do I get to the keukenhof?

  1. By tour company – Serveral tour companies can take you out of Amsterdam to the Keukenhof and back.
  2. By public transport – The Keukenhof is very easy to reach by Public transport. A direct bus will run to Keukenhof from Amsterdam, Schiphol, The Hague and Leiden.

You can buy tickets for tours and public transportation at our Tickets and Tours page.

Have a look here to see how easy it is to travel by public transportation to the Keukenhof.

How long should I spend in the park?
If you like flowers please calculate a minimum of four hours in, if you love flowers just take all day enjoying the keukenhof and the surrounding fields. And if you don’t like a relaxing day in a park full with flowers? Well just don’t go.

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