Keukenhof Map

The Keukenhof is divided in different area’s. On the Keukenhof map you can see where to find the restaurants, playground, maze, toilets and of course the different indoor flower exhibitions.

When you enter the Keukenhof a free small foldable map in different languages is provided. The ladies in the Jacoba dresses will hand them out and you can find them at the information desk as well. In the Keukenhof information booklet you can find a map with all the bulb farmers on it.

Have a look on the Keukenhof map below and click on the map for a larger view as pdf.

Keukenhof map tulips in holland

The Keukenhof has so many favorite spots.

At the beginning of spring season I love to photograph the tulip festival inside the Willem Alexander pavilion. Usually around the bulb statues next to the water you will find the first tulips in bloom (outside). Don’t forget to see the lovely flower mosaic that is present every year and I love to walk around the different inspiration gardens to get inspiration for my own garden. The kids love the petting zoo and the playground and eat poffertjes next to it. And just stroll around around the end of the afternoon when the Keukenhof is in full bloom! Download the Keukenhof map to create your own perfect day out at Keukenhof!

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Season 2022 is rapidly approaching

Spring season 2022 is rapidly approaching! It looks like the Covid measures in the Netherlands will be reduced and that all spring activities can continue.
This means that we are all looking forward to visiting Keukenhof and Floriade in addition to the dozens of other activities around flowers.

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