Create your own Dutch spring garden experience – keukenhof quality bulbs from Holland

Did you ever enjoy standing beside a flower field in Holland or smelling the tulips blooming at Keukenhof? The bright colours and the delicate fragrance of spring flowers are something you will remember for life!

We received a lot of questions over time where to buy Dutch flower bulbs to create the Keukenhof experience in the garden of your very own home. Tulips in Holland has just teamed up with the largest exhibitors of the Keukenhof to make this possible.

From now you can order your own Dutch Keukenhof premium quality flower bulbs for your own garden and create your own blooming flowers garden!


This is our initial offering of Dutch Keukenhof quality flower bulbs. Have a look what we have in store for you this year:








  • Tulips – The most popular Dutch flowers. Available in 5 species from the bright yellow Tulip Golden Parade to the double pink Tulip Foxtrot.

Have a look at our tulip selection here.


  • Daffodils – The sunniest spring flowers. Available in 2 colours and 3 mixes to give your garden that first impression of spring.

Have a look at our daffodil selection here.


  • Mixed flower bulbs – The prettiest species joined in 10 colourful mixes. What you think of the 60 days of tulip mix, the spring scents mix or the spring fever mix?

Have a look at our mixed flower selection here.


  • Flowers with pot – Flower mixes with a stylish pot and soil included. In 3 varieties in colours. Easy to plant and perfect on a balcony, front door or terrace.

Have a look at our flowers in pot selection here.

Additional information:


In 2021 we ship to Germany, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, United States, Canada, and The Netherlands. All shipping costs are already included in the price: you won’t pay additional costs for delivery.


The flower bulbs will be delivered in October of this year. During April, May and June the bulbs will be growing in one of our flower fields in the Netherlands. During the summer months they will be harvested and the best will be selected for you. In October we will start the worldwide shipping. Just in time to plant them in your garden in Autumn. From the moment you have placed your order, your flower bulb journey starts. You will be informed with informative emails from the moment your flower bulbs are still in the ground at the grower till the delivery of your flower bulbs on your doorstep.


The Dutch Keukenhof-quality flower bulbs are provided by the largest official exhibitors at Keukenhof garden to make sure you get the best quality for your garden. They are a family owned flower bulb exporter of the Netherlands since 1919. Besides that, powered by Royal De Ree Holland, will keep you posted by email about the journey of the flower bulb from grower till your garden when your receive them in October.

Flower Bulbs information

Many spring-blooming flower bulbs perform best in a (partially) sunny spot. As long as there is good water drainage, flower bulbs grow well in almost any environment that looks like the weather and temperature in Holland. Spring-blooming flower bulbs must be planted in autumn because they require a cold period of time before they can bloom in spring. Make sure before ordering, that you live in an area where you can grow tulips. We advise you to plant your flower bulbs as soon as you receive them. Your flowers will bloom between March and May next year depending on the variety of your choice.


How does it work?

It’s easy! Order your Dutch Keukenhof-quality flower bulbs from the webshop. We ensure they are shipped to you in autumn, right before you need to plant them. After you do so, all you have to do is wait until they start to grow and bloom in spring. What a great prospect!


Step 1

Order your flower bulbs…

Pick the tulips, daffodils and mixes you want from our selected range of bulbs.


Step 2

Plant them in the fall…

You will receive the bulbs at home in the autumn and you can plant them yourself in your garden or in a pot for on a balcony.

Step 3

And enjoy in the spring!

In the spring you will have beautiful long-blooming Holland flowers just like Keukenhof or any other spring garden!

Create your own beautiful spring garden at home

Order your own Dutch Keukenhof-quality flower bulbs here.


Cancellation is possible for a maximum of 14 days after purchase. After that your order will be processed and you can no longer cancel.

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