tulips in holland keukenhof garden


Tulip Route Dronten

Experience the Tulip Route Dronten, starting April 15th, 2017 For the third year in a row the Tulip Route Dronten will showcase the beautiful tulip fi…

Sneak preview Keukenhof 2017

Sneak preview Keukenhof 2017 Next Thursday (tomorrow!!!) the Keukenhof will open for the public. The last couple of weeks they have been preparing the…

Map Keukenhof 2017

Map Keukenhof 2017 Upcoming Thursday the 23rd of March 2017 Keukenhof will open its doors. Have a look on the map below to see what has changed compar…

amsterdam tulip festival 2017
Amsterdam Tulip Festival 2017

Amsterdam Tulip Festival 500.000 tulips in bloom during the 3rd edition of Tulip Festival Amsterdam. A tulip for every Amsterdammer For the third year…

national tulip day 2017
National Tulip Day 2017

National Tulip Day 2017 On Saturday January 22nd we celebrated National Tulip Day in the Netherlands. This is the start of the tulip season in the flo…

spring 2017
Spring 2017 is coming

Spring 2017 is coming I know that a lot of people are waiting for spring 2017 to arrive. These photos were made Sunday afternoon in a town not far awa…

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