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Tulips in Holland – Hugs

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Tulips in Holland congratulates Amsterdam

  Happy 738th Birthday, Amsterdam! 738 years ago the name of Amsterdam was written for the first time in a historic document. Congrats to Iamsterdam.nl, Gemeente Amsterdam and Amsterdam Museum and all the people who love this wonderful city!

Tulips in Holland – 900 likes

  Wow! Today we passed the 900 likes at Tulips in Holland! A big thank you to all of you. Thank you for liking, sharing and commenting on the posts and photos. <3

Tulips in Holland update #7 – Best week to visit!

[custom_frame_left shadow=”off”][/custom_frame_left] Wow the Keukenhof looks wonderful at the moment. If you are doubting for the best time…. This week will be perfect for a visit. From today the temperature will go up to 20 degrees with lots of sunshine.…

Tulips in Holland update #6 – Tulips in the Keukenhof

[custom_frame_left shadow=”off”][/custom_frame_left] Finally it is warm enough for the tulips. Last week a lot of tulips were still green, right now the colors of the tulips are starting to pop up inside the Keukenhof. The hyacinths are getting their color…

Tulips in Holland – Meet up #1

[custom_frame_left shadow=”off”][/custom_frame_left] The Keukenhof is starting to look beautiful, just as the flower fields outside. I noticed that a lot of people have questions about the tulips and I get a lot of friendly requests for meeting up at Keukenhof.…

Tulips in Holland update #5 – Tulips in the fields!

[custom_frame_left shadow=”off”][/custom_frame_left] After a week with nice weather I took my bike to ride through the flower fields this morning. And I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of flower fields in bloom. It is a bit of a…

Flower Parade – Bloemencorso – 20 april 2013

[custom_frame_left shadow=”off”][/custom_frame_left] Saturday the 20st of April 2013 is the day of the flower parade. The whole area is having a small party. Locals are sitting outside their houses watching parade and a lot of tourists are travelling through the…

No sign of springtime yet :-(

Unfortunately there is still no sign of springtime in the Keukenhof Area. Last couple of weeks we had lots of cold weather and snow. This is what the flower fields look like today. A big difference with the bottom photo taken…