National Tulip Day 2016

Just a little reminder that the National Tulip Day 2016 is held in Amsterdam this Saturday, the 16th of January.

Tulip Festival 2016

Tulip Festival 2016 An overview of all the Tulip Festivals in 2016 divided by date and location. January 2016 16th January 2016 – National Tulip Day Amsterdam – blogpost Februari 2016 no tulips around this time of the year March 2016 24…

Bloemencorso 2016 – Flower parade 2016

Bloemencorso 2016 – Flower parade 2016 Mark your calendars for the bloemencorso flower parade of 2016. Every year this flower parade full with spring flowers will drive from the seaside town of Noordwijk to the city of Haarlem. Photos from…

When are the tulips in bloom in 2016?

Every year this is the most frequently asked question is: when are the tulips in bloom in 2016? Will the tulips bloom on the days you travel to see them.

Bloemencorso 2016

Bloemencorso 2016 The bulb-growing area is a unique part of the Netherlands. This district is situated in the urban agglomeration of Western Holland, between the cities of Haarlem and Leiden, only 20 km from Amsterdam. Characteristic of this area are the…