First daffodils in bloom
Blooming update: first daffodils are starting to bloom Today we spotted the first daffodils in bloom. We drove around in the Lisse area yesterday and found several yellow spots in the flower fields.  We are waiting now  for the colorful…
Current status of the flower fields
Current status of the flower fields As described in our newsletter of this week, the daffodils are in bloom! We have added a new 360 camera to our camera bag last week. We still need a bit of tweaking, but we managed to take…
Flower update – week 13

After a beautiful Sunny Saturday we got a very rainy and stormy Easter Weekend. The people who have attend the periscope broadcasting know this already … the tulips in the Willem Alexander Pavilion are in bloom!

Flower update – week 12

The daffodils are in bloom in the fields and I expect to see them as well in bloom at Keukenhof. There is still no sign of blooming hyacinths; these flowers are next in line to bloom and help to predict if we have an early or regular springtime.

Flower update – Week 11

The area is getting ready for all the visitors in the next weeks. From the outside you can see that the bike rental is placed at the new parking lot at Keukenhof. And the bulb sellers are setting up their shops along the roads.

Flower update – Week 10

The past week the weather turned a bit colder than before. We have freezing temperatures at night and during the daytime we have sometimes some sunshine.

First flower field with daffodils

The first flower field of 2016 is visible! A beautiful small field of daffodils along the road in the town of Lisse, very close to the Keukenhof.

Planting bulbs in the flower fields

Planting bulbs in the flower fields Have you ever seen the flower fields at spring time? The long endless fields full daffodils, tulips and hyacinths. Every spring time it is  a wonderful sight to see all these fields full with…

Daffodils at Noordwijkerhout

Daffodils at Noordwijkerhout Do you remember the video of the flower fields full of daffodils this springtime? The last couple of weeks these daffodils on the flower farm of P.Pennings are harvested and they are getting ready for shipment all…

Daffodils in the fields

Daffodils in the fields As Tulips in Holland I am not only photographing the tulips but also the other spring flowers in the Netherlands. Last week I visited a tulip farm of P. Pennings in Noordwijkerhout to see all the…