Flower update Week 14

We had a lovely weekend with unexpected warm temperatures above the 18 degrees C! You can almost hear the flowers grow and getting in bloom!

Botanical Art of spring flowers

Are you interested in botanical art? The Society of Botanical Artists of the Netherlands is showing work in the exhibition “Bulb flowers’ at museum de zwarte tulp in Lisse.

First flower field with daffodils

The first flower field of 2016 is visible! A beautiful small field of daffodils along the road in the town of Lisse, very close to the Keukenhof.

Chocolate with tulips

As a chocolate and tulip lover I get very enthusiastic when these things come together. What if you get the possibility to taste chocolade with tulips? Than you just have to go and try it! Won’t you?

This weekend: Bloemencorso Rijnsburg

This weekend: Bloemencorso Rijnsburg Are you in the Netherlands this week and do you want to visit a bloemencorso / flower parade. Have a look at Bloemencorso Rijnsburg. This bloemencorso is held around the Rijnsburg, Katwijk and Noordwijk area and can easily…

Bloemencorso Zundert

Bloemencorso Zundert The first weekend of September is traditionally the weekend of the Flowerparade / Corso Zundert. 20 communities around the town of Zundert build a large parade wagon and they pin lots (and I mean LOTS!) of flowers on…

Van Gogh flower tableau

Van Gogh flower tableau Last Wednesday I was invited for the opening of the Van Gogh Tableau on the Museum Square in Amsterdam (next to the Van Gogh Museum). The tableau was made of 50.000 dahlias and around 115 people…

Flowertime in Brussels (Belgium)

Flowertime in Brussel (Belgium) On just 2 hours driving from Amsterdam or by Thalys train, you can find a lovely flower event in the midst of August. Every other year you can find the famous flower carpet on on the…

Bloemencorso Zundert 2015

Bloemencorso Zundert 2015 Zundert, a small town in the Netherlands located at the Belgian border, hosts the world’s biggest flower parade, featuring twenty floats of twenty meters long and ten meters high. Flower parades are a tradition that is met…

Visiting the Flower Market in Amsterdam

Visiting the Flower Market in Amsterdam The flower market in Amsterdam is the only floating flower market in he world. The flower shops stand on the houseboats below and it is an interesting place to stroll around. You will find…