Weekly flower update week 12 2017
Weekly flower update week 12 2017 Happy Springtime to you all! Today is the official start of spring! Thursday the 23rd of March the Keukenhof will open its doors and we will have a lovely time between all the spring…
National Tulip Day 2017
National Tulip Day 2017 On Saturday January 22nd we celebrated National Tulip Day in the Netherlands. This is the start of the tulip season in the flower shops around the country. It is celebrated by a huge pop up tulip garden…
Weekly flower update week 11 2017
Weekly flower update week 11 2017 Thank you all for all the positieve reactions on the newsletter of last week! Within 1,5 weeks the Keukenhof will open its doors and spring can officially start. Have a look below for the latest…
weekly flower update week 10 2017
Weekly flower update week 10 The first weekly flower update for spring 2017! Current status of the flowers The most asked question of this week is: "When will the tulips be in bloom?" Followed by: "I am traveling on date X…
National Tulip day 2017
National tulip day 2017 Are you ready to pick your own bouquet of tulips? Next Saturday the 21st of January a new pop up tulip garden will be created on Dam Square in Amsterdam. Around the 20.000 tulips will be…
When are the tulips in bloom in 2017?
When are the tulips in bloom in 2017? Every year this is the most frequently asked question is: when are the tulips in bloom in 2017? Will the tulips bloom on the days you travel to see them. It is a difficult question because every…
Keukenhof season 2016 successful

Today Keukenhof has closed its doors after a wonderful spring season with 1.1 million visitors. The visitors appreciated the flower show with an 8.9 as grade. The most beautiful spring garden in the world is satisfied with this result.

Final day of springtime 2016

Unfortunately the final day of springtime 2016 is here. Just one more day to see the tulips in Holland. The newsletter is send tomorrow and after that I’ll take a two week break to relax and catch up with friends and family after eight weeks of photographing, answering questions and social media activities.

Final week of Hortus Bulborum 2016

Final week of Hortus Bulborum 2016. May the 16th 2016 is the final day of spring season and opening of the Hortus Bulborum in Limmen in 2016. The garden is specialized in historic spring bulbs,

Flower update – Week 18

Flower update week 18 – Very cold! That is the best description of last week. We celebrated Kings Day with temperatures colder than Christmas. It was the coldest spring in 25 years! But it is changing!