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Tulip festival around the world

Welcome to the vibrant world of tulip festivals, where nature’s most enchanting blooms take center stage in a symphony of color and fragrance. Tulip festival around the world: From the iconic fields of Holland to the charming corners of distant lands, tulip festivals offer a breathtaking spectacle that captivates hearts and inspires wanderlust.

Holland, The Netherlands: Where the Tulip Magic Begins

In the heart of Holland, amidst the quaint towns and picturesque landscapes, lies the epicenter of tulip festivities. Keukenhof Garden in Lisse stands as a testament to the Netherlands’ enduring love affair with tulips. Here, amidst a kaleidoscope of hues, visitors immerse themselves in a sensory journey like no other. But the splendor doesn’t end there; Amsterdam’s Tulp festival, the blossoming beauty of Noordoostpolder, and the floral extravaganza of Bloemendagen in Anna Paulowna beckon travelers to explore every corner of this tulip paradise.

  • Keukenhof Garden, Lisse – website
  • Tulp festival Amsterdam – website
  • Noordoostpolder, Emmeloord – website
  • Bloemendagen, Anna Paulowna – website

Have a look to our calendar with flower activities in the Netherlands for all flower related activities like bloemencorso, flower parades and bulb markets.

Across the Globe: A Tapestry of Tulip Celebrations

Beyond the Dutch borders, tulip festivals paint a mesmerizing portrait of nature’s wonders. In Canada, the Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa weaves a tale of history and horticulture, while Chilliwack’s Tulips of the Valley Festival enchants visitors against the backdrop of British Columbia’s breathtaking scenery.

In the United States, from the verdant fields of Oregon’s Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm to the majestic landscapes of Skagit Valley in Washington State, tulip enthusiasts revel in a symphony of blooms. The Midwest boasts its own tulip treasures, from Michigan’s Tulip Time Festival to Iowa’s Pella Tulip Time, each offering a glimpse into the region’s Dutch heritage and floral splendor.

  • Canadian Tulip Festival, Ottawa – website
  • Tulips of the Valley Festival or Chilliwack near Agassiz, British Columbia  – website

West USA

  • Wooden shoe tulip farm, Tulip Festival Oregon  – website
  • Skagit Valley Tulip Festival near Mount Vernon, Washington State – website
  • Thanksgiving Point, Utah – website
  • Woodland Tulip Festival, WA

Central USA

  • Tulip Time Festival Holland, Michigan – website
  • Pella Tulip time festival, Iowa – website
  • Orange city Tulip festival, Iowa  – website
  • Dutch Days festival, Fulton, Illinois
  • Belle Plaine Tulip Time Festival, Kansas – website

East USA

  • Tulip Festival of Albany, New York – website

A European Odyssey: Tulip Festivals Across the Continent

Europe embraces the tulip fervor with equal fervency. In Brussels, Floralia unfolds as a celebration of spring, while Germany’s Frühlingsfestival with Tulpenschau captivates with its elegance. Istanbul’s Tulip Festival adds a touch of exoticism to the tulip season, inviting visitors to discover the city’s rich cultural heritage amidst a sea of blossoms.

  • Europe

    • Floralia Brussels (Belgium)
    • Beautiful flower gardens Groot-Bijgaarden
    • Frühlingsfestival with Tulpenschau – Schloss Ippenburg (Germany)
    • Parco Giardino Sigurtà (Italy)
    • Istanbul Tulip Festival (Turkey)

Beyond Continents: Tulip Tales from Far and Wide

Asia boasts its own tulip extravaganzas, from China’s Beijing Tulip Festival to Japan’s Tonami Tulip Festival, each offering a unique cultural experience intertwined with the beauty of nature. South Korea’s vibrant tulip festivals, Taiwan’s picturesque valleys, and India’s majestic gardens all contribute to the global tapestry of tulip celebrations.

  • China

    • Beijing Tulip Festival – Mid-April – early May
    • Shixiang Lake Tulip Festival (close to Chengdu) – March
    • Tulip Expo Shanghai – April
    • Qingming festival at Shijiazhuang botanical garden – Early April


    • Tao Yuan Shien Valley (桃源仙谷)
    • Zhong she flower market (中社观光花市)
    • Shanlin Xi Forest Amusement Park (杉林溪森林生態渡假園區)

    South Korea

    • Shinan Tulip Festival
    • Dongjeokgol Tulip Festival
    • Daebu Briny Flavor Tulip festival
    • Namhae tulip festival
    • Taean Tulip flower festival
    • Everland Tulip Festival
    • Bucheon tulip exhibition
    • Ulsan Grand park Tulip festival
    • Halim park Tulip festival


    • Tonami Tulip Festival – Toyama prefecture – Late Apr – Early May 2022
    • Tulip show Kaizu City – Gifu prefecture –  Early – Late Apr 2022
    • Enoshima winter tulip show – Kanagawa prefecture – January dates 2022 TBA
    • Tulip Festa Tanto – Hyogo prefecture – Mid – Late Apr 2022
    • Tulip Festival – Iwate prefecture
    • Tulip Festival – Oita prefecture
    • Huis Ten Bosch Tulip Festival – Nagasaki Prefecture
    • Sakura Tulip festival – Chiba prefecture
    • Kagami Hana Festa Tulip Festiva – Kochi prefecture
    • Yoneyama Tulip Festival – Miyagi prefecture
    • Tulip exhibition – Flower park Kagoshima Indoor garden – Kahoshima prefecture
    • Nabananosato Flower Festival – Mie prefecture
    • The Spring Flower Garden Show- Miyazaki prefecture
    • Flower Festival of Spring – Tochigi prefecture
    • Gunma Flower Park – Gunma prefecture
    • Nabana no Sato – Aichi prefecture
    • Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park – Osaka prefecture
    • Gosen City Tulip Festival – Niigata prefecture – Mid-late April
    • Hitachi seaside park Tulip World City Hitachinaka
    • Tulip Festival at Kiso Sansen Park – Gify prefecture

Down Under: Tulip Delights in Australia

Even in the southern hemisphere, tulip magic thrives. Australia’s Floriade in the Australian Capital Territory and the Tesselaar Tulip Festival in Victoria offer a taste of springtime splendor amidst the antipodean landscapes.

  • Australia


    • Floriade – September – October


    • Tesselaar Tulip Festival – beginning of September – beginning of October
    • Red Hill Spring Garden Festival – September

    Western Australia

    • Springtime Festival – Araluen Botanic Park


    • Tulip Festival Bowral – mid to end september
    • Daffodils at Rydal – September
    • Tulip Top Gardens – mid September


    • Bloomin’ Tulips Festival – Tasmania – October

Join the Journey: Experience Tulip Wonderland

As you peruse this curated list of tulip festival around the world, let your imagination take flight. Picture yourself strolling through endless fields of tulips, inhaling the sweet perfume of blooming flowers, and immersing yourself in the beauty of nature’s grandeur.

Whether you’re planning a trip to witness Holland’s iconic blooms or seeking tulip adventures in far-flung destinations, let the Tulips in Holland guide be your companion. Stay updated on blooming statuses, glean insider tips, and embark on a journey that celebrates the timeless allure of tulips.

Are you ready to embark on a tulip-filled adventure? Join us as we explore the world in full bloom, one tulip festival at a time. Let the magic of tulips ignite your senses and awaken your spirit of adventure!

Are you missing your favorite tulip festival around the world? Please let us know by email!

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