Tulips in Holland – 30 March 2017
Tulips in Holland Have a look at the photos of the tulips in holland made today, 30 March 2017. We have cold nights and extremely high (summer like) temperatures at the moment. Every where you look you can see the flower…
National Tulip Day 2017
National Tulip Day 2017 On Saturday January 22nd we celebrated National Tulip Day in the Netherlands. This is the start of the tulip season in the flower shops around the country. It is celebrated by a huge pop up tulip garden…
When are the tulips in bloom in 2017?
When are the tulips in bloom in 2017? Every year this is the most frequently asked question is: when are the tulips in bloom in 2017? Will the tulips bloom on the days you travel to see them. It is a difficult question because every…
Final day of springtime 2016

Unfortunately the final day of springtime 2016 is here. Just one more day to see the tulips in Holland. The newsletter is send tomorrow and after that I’ll take a two week break to relax and catch up with friends and family after eight weeks of photographing, answering questions and social media activities.

Final week of Hortus Bulborum 2016

Final week of Hortus Bulborum 2016. May the 16th 2016 is the final day of spring season and opening of the Hortus Bulborum in Limmen in 2016. The garden is specialized in historic spring bulbs,

Flower update – Week 18

Flower update week 18 – Very cold! That is the best description of last week. We celebrated Kings Day with temperatures colder than Christmas. It was the coldest spring in 25 years! But it is changing!

Hortus Bulborum and the Limmer Flower days

The end of April / the beginning of May is well known for all kind of flower activities in the Netherlands. Upcoming weekend it is the celebration of the Limmer Flower days with the Hortus Bulborum, the living museum with beautiful historical bulbs (read the review here) as center point.

Flower update – Week 17

We had a very exciting week in the Netherlands. We had the meet & greet last Friday! It was fun to talk to you all. We had the flower parade on Friday evening and Saturday during the day. More than 1.000.000 people visited this parade! And we went to two flower shows in Belgium. As you can see we are having a busy time!

Flower update – Week 16

After a lovely weekend waking up between the tulip fields at Landal Beach Resort Ooghduyne, (what a lovely place!) I am back home in preparation for a visit to Floralien in Gent (Belgium) and the flower parade this weekend.

Tulip fields at Landal Beach Resort Ooghduyne

Last weekend I spend at the top of North Holland the area in the Netherlands with the largest tulip fields. I stayed at Landal Beach resort Ooghduyne for the weekend and what a lovely place. It is the perfect place for waking up next to the tulip fields!