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Flower update – Week 15

The temperature is getting warmer every week! We had a couple of sunny days with lovely temperatures and some days with some rain. Perfect weather for springtime!

Flower update Week 14

We had a lovely weekend with unexpected warm temperatures above the 18 degrees C! You can almost hear the flowers grow and getting in bloom!

Tulip Carré – Royal Theatre Carré has its own tulip

Tulip Carré – The royal theatre Carré, situated in the city center of Amsterdam has his own tulip Carré -since last March! The director of the theatre, Madeleine van der Zwaan and the American cast of the Broadway musical hit PIPPIN baptized their tulip two weeks ago in Amsterdam.

More tulip fields in the Netherlands

Recent research shows that there are more tulip fields in the Netherlands. Flower bulbs are grown in more places in the Netherlands. The province of North Holland still takes the lion’s share of the bulb on his behalf, but the flower sector now spreads across the country.

Sneak peek

I know every tulip lover is waiting patiently to see the first tulip fields in bloom. These photos just got in from vdSlot Tulips – Voorhout. A sneak peek under the plastic on one of their tulip fields.

Flower update week 7: Early to regular spring time

Early to regular spring time – Until now we have a very mild winter in the Netherlands. If this weather continues we will heading for an early to regular springtime this year.

Chocolate with tulips

As a chocolate and tulip lover I get very enthusiastic when these things come together. What if you get the possibility to taste chocolade with tulips? Than you just have to go and try it! Won’t you?

Interesting tulip facts

Did you know that in 2016 it is expected to sell nearly 2 billion individual tulips through the Dutch Flower Auction? When we put these tulips all in one long line

Bicycle route – Flowers from Amsterdam

Are you dreaming about a bicycle ride through the flower fields? Than I have an interesting route for your next spring holiday to the Netherlands.