Bed and Breakfast De Zonnehoed

Bed and Breakfast De Zonnehoed is situated at the edge of the town of Lisse (2km) towards the town of Sassenheim (4 km).

Lounge Hotel De Lis

Imagine seeing the flower fields as the majority of the tourist has left to their hotels in Amsterdam or surrounding cities. Bike around early in the morning and be at Keukenhof Garden just at opening time to enjoy the garden without the crowds.

Hotel Restaurant De Engel

Hotel Restaurant De Engel is situated between the towns of Lisse and Sassenheim with the flowerfields on walking distance (in flower season). They have four modern twin rooms available above their restaurant.

Bed and Breakfast Madeleine

Bed and Breakfast Madeleine is situated in the town center of Lisse, above one my favorite confectionery / Chocolaterie shop “Vermeer”! (Make sure you taste their delicious cakes and pastries!). They have two new completely renovated twin rooms in a warm and romantic ambiance.

Bed and Breakfast De Vier Seizoenen

One of my favorite restaurants in Lisse has opened a four room Bed and Breakfast. De Vier Seizoenen (Four seasons) is situated in the town center of Lisse on 1,5 km from Keukenhof, just a 10 min. walk. Shops and restaurants can be found in the surrounding streets.

Where is Holland located

Where is Holland located? Holland is the western area of the Netherlands. It consist of two provinces North-Holland and South-Holland. It is the most populated area of the Netherlands. In this area the most tulips are grown. See our blogpost…

Museum de Zwarte Tulp

Museum de Zwarte Tulp Have you ever been to the Museum De Zwarte Tulp (Black Tulip museum)? It is located on just 15 min. walk from the main entrance of Keukenhof. Due to renovation the museum was closed for a…

How to travel from Amsterdam to Keukenhof

How to travel from Amsterdam to Keukenhof? Are you visiting Amsterdam and you want to travel from Amsterdam to Keukenhof? You can travel by an organized tour but it is very easy to travel to Keukenhof yourself by Public transport.…

Visiting Zaanse Schans

Visiting Zaanse Schans The Zaanse Schans, located just 40 min by bus and 15 min by train (plus 15 min walk) is one of the typical Dutch experiences of the Netherlands. The houses date back to the 18th and 19th…

Visiting the Flower Market in Amsterdam

Visiting the Flower Market in Amsterdam The flower market in Amsterdam is the only floating flower market in he world. The flower shops stand on the houseboats below and it is an interesting place to stroll around. You will find…