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How to travel to Keukenhof in 2018?

There are several ways to travel to Keukenhof:

  • By car and motorhome
  • By public transport
  • By organized tour companies
  • By taxi

By car and motorhome

The Keukenhof can be found next to the village of Lisse. Use google maps ( to get the accurate driving instructions from your location

The exact location of the Keukenhof is:
Stationsweg 166a
The Netherlands

Parking at the Keukenhof is € 6,- a day and there is a special parking area for motorhomes. The parking is closed after one hour after the Keukenhof is closed.
It is not allowed to park (or camp) overnight with your motorhome.

You can buy a parking and entree ticket in advance on our Tickets and Tours page. You can skip the line at the cashiers and enter the Keukenhof directly.

By public transport
Travelling to Keukenhof by public transport is very easy. For accurate bus schedules and times see the website of public transport on

From Amsterdam

Unfortunately there is no direct public transport option from Amsterdam to the Keukenhof. First travel to Schiphol by bus or train and change to the bus.

From Schiphol

You can take the Keukenhof Express (bus 858 from 22 march 2018 – 13 may 2018) from the bus station in front of the airport. The bus is easy to find when you walk outside from Schiphol Plaza.

Cross the bus lane and find bus number 858. This bus runs only during opening times of the Keukenhof. Every 15 minutes (00, 15, 30 & 45) a bus is leaving for the bus stop of the Keukenhof (entrance). It takes around 35 minutes to get from Schiphol to the Keukenhof.

Be aware that on peak days there will be a waiting line for entering the bus. Be early or travel on alternative ways.

A combi ticket for bus and entree to Keukenhof can be bought at our Tickets and Tour page. The busstop can be found at the bus station in front of Schiphol Plaza.

From Leiden

Take bus 850/854 from Leiden Central Station to the Keukenhof. The bus will stop in front of the entrance. It takes around 30 minutes to get from Leiden to the Keukenhof. The frequency varies; check the site to see the departure times.

A combi ticket for bus and entree to Keukenhof can be bought at our Tickets and Tour page. The busstop can be found at the bus station in front of the railway station of Leiden Centraal.

From The Hague

The direct bus 89 from The Hague to Keukenhof is cancelled since 2013. You need to first travel from The Hague to Leiden central station by train and take the bus from here. A combi ticket for bus from Leiden to Keukenhof and entree to Keukenhof can be bought at our Tickets and Tour page.

The combi tickets are paper tickets you don’t need a OV Chipcard for this. (you might need a OV chip card for other trips that are not included in the combi ticket.)

Be aware that this the trip from Amsterdam to Schiphol isn’t included in ant combi ticket! For people traveling from Amsterdam Centraal you can take the train to Schiphol (around 9 euro for a return train ticket) or buy the Amsterdam Region Ticket where you can travel unlimited for one day in the Amsterdam Region for 13,50 euro with selected public transportation companies (no train). See the map where you can travel too (and the Arriva bus line 858 is included in this).

You can travel with the 197 from Amsterdam Centrum to Schiphol and from Schiphol with the 858 to the Keukenhof on this ticket. More information about this regional day ticket see this site.

The region day ticket is for sale at Holland Tourist Information (Schiphol), VVV Leidseplein Amsterdam and VVV Amsterdam CS.

By tour company

It is very easy to visit the Keukenhof on your own. But some people prefer an organized tour to the Keukenhof. Make sure you have enough time at Keukenhof. The tour companies will pick you up and drop you off at specific times.

We have several tours (incl. one with a visit to a bulb farm) at our Tickets and Tour page.

By Taxi

Outside the main entrance (next to the bus stop) there is a taxi stand. You can travel to and from your location to the Keukenhof

Expect to pay these fees (fees are given for one way and up to 4 persons maximum.)

  • Amsterdam Central to Keukenhof  – € 95,-
  • Schiphol to Keukenhof – € 55,-
  • Leiden to Keukenhof – € 50,-
  • The Hague to Keukenhof – €75,-

Alternative ways

On busy days (parade day, Easter, weekends) it is possible that the bus from Schiphol Airport is full with people and that people are waiting in line to get in. You can avoid this by travelling (very!) early, i.e. opening time of the Keukenhof.

There is an alternative way for travelling to the Keukenhof.

Travel by train to the station of Sassenheim. This train station is on the Amsterdam to Leiden line. Walk to the bus station in front and take bus 50 to the Lisse Eikenlaan bus stop. This bus won’t stop in front of the Keukenhof but takes a 5 minutes walk. See for the schedule and the walking directions.

Besides the direct busses you can use the normal busses which the local people uses as well. They don’t stop directly in front of the Keukenhof entrance but if you get out for example at Hotel de Nagtegaal in Lisse you will have a 20 min walk to the Keukenhof (next to the flower fields!)

You can take for example bus 50 or 51 from Haarlem get out at Hotel Nagtegaal. (20 min scenic walk along flower fields) or change busses at Lisse Sportlaan to bus 57. See for schedules, maps and walking directions.

Other forms of transport

The Keukenhof is easy to reach by bike. On both entrances you can park your bike for free. Bring a good lock with you and don’t leave anything valuable on your bike.

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to reach Keukenhof by boat.

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