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Flower Areas

In there Netherlands there are a couple of different flower areas where you can find flower fields during springtime.

The flower areas are:Flower areas Netherlands 2015

  • Keukenhof Area
  • Flevoland
  • Top of North Holland
  • Drenthe
  • South Holland and Zeeland

Flower area: Keukenhof Area

The Keukenhof Area might be the most famous area. The Keukenhof gardens are located here and there is a large history of bulb farming in this area. This flower area is located at a close distance of the cities of Amsterdam, Haarlem and Leiden. With express busses you can travel from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to the Keukenhof within 30 minutes (a bit longer during weekends when a lot of people travel to see the flowers). As you can see at the picture the Keukenhof area is not the area with the most and largest flower fields. Read more about this area here.

Flower Area: Flevoland

Flevoland is the largest Flower area of the Netherlands. It has the most and largest flower fields. Since a couple of years they present a 80 KM route to drive with your (rental) car. You can find the fields and flower festivals in the direction of the towns of Emmeloord and Dronten. Read more about this area here.

Flower area: Top of North Holland

The second largest area to see tulips in the flower fields is the flower area Top of North Holland. The area stretches from everything north above Alkmaar towards all directions. See for flower fields the municipalities of Hollandse Kroon, Schagen, Hoorn and Den Helder. Every year at the last weekend of April / first weekend of May you can visit the flower days in the town of Breezand and Anna Palowna with beautiful flower mosaics. Read more about this area here.

Flower area: Drenthe

This area is still in development. Since a couple of years they host the lovely event Tulips by Night where you can visit the light up flower fields by night. Definitely worth a stop when you are in the area. Read more about this area here.

Flower Area: South Holland and Zeeland

In the past couple of years you can see more and more tulip fields being developed in the flower area of South Holland and Zeeland. Especially the island of Goeree Overflakkee you can see large tulip fields. Read more about this area here.

Tips and Tricks

Due to the fact that tulips are not grown in cities but in rural / farm areas it is not easy to reach this area by public transportation. You can always book a tour to see these flower areas.

Due to crop rotation the tulips will be planted in another field every year. This keeps the land and bulbs healthy. So one year there will be tulips and the following 3 – 6 years there will be other flowers, vegetables or simple grass.

The flower season in the Netherlands start around the end of March and continues to mid May. Find out when is the best time to visit the tulips. Make sure you secure your hotel well in advance or find an other cities to stay in.

Source: Tulips in Holland
Photo credits: Tulips in Holland

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