Tulip fields at Landal Beach Resort Ooghduyne

Last weekend I spend at the top of North Holland the area in the Netherlands with the largest tulip fields. I stayed at Landal Beach resort Ooghduyne for the weekend and what a lovely place. It is the perfect place for waking up next to the tulip fields!

More tulip fields in the Netherlands

Recent research shows that there are more tulip fields in the Netherlands. Flower bulbs are grown in more places in the Netherlands. The province of North Holland still takes the lion’s share of the bulb on his behalf, but the flower sector now spreads across the country.

Sneak peek

I know every tulip lover is waiting patiently to see the first tulip fields in bloom. These photos just got in from vdSlot Tulips – Voorhout. A sneak peek under the plastic on one of their tulip fields.

Tulip Fields Amsterdam

Tulip Fields Amsterdam Seeing the tulip fields in bloom! For many people it is an item on their travel bucket list. Every spring season many tourist travel to the tulip fields Amsterdam to see the tulip fields that are located…

Tulip fields Netherlands

Tulip fields Netherlands Every year thousands of tulips are planted in the tulip fields of the Netherlands. In 2014 the enormous amount of 11.440 hectare full with tulip bulbs were planted in the Netherlands. The area around Keukenhof in Lisse…

Harvesting the tulip bulbs

Harvesting the tulip bulbs Last week I visited Daan and Anja of de Tulperij a flower farm in Voorhout just 2,5 miles (4,4 km) outside Keukenhof Garden. Lots of tourists have visited their tulip fields on excursions last spring. The tulips are…

How to travel to Keukenhof from anywhere in the Netherlands

How to travel to Keukenhof from anywhere in the Netherlands You can travel to Keukenhof by organized tour, but it is very easy to travel to Keukenhof by yourself by public transportation from all over the Netherlands. It takes 2…