Weekly flower update – Week 11

Weekly flower update Week 11
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  1. Diane says:

    It is true that tulips are usually cut off around 30th April? I will be visiting Keukenhof on 3th May and I would love to see some tulips. Thank you!

    1. Nienke says:

      The tulips in the fields are topped after peak blooming, and not all the tulip fields are topped in one day.
      At the Keukenhof they use the lasagna technique where multiple layers cause a longer blooming (and they are not topped just after peak blooming). Keep an eye to this blog or sign up for the weekly update in your email to see how the blooming is going and if you are expected to see the tulips in bloom or not. Have a lovely trip to the Netherlands!

  2. Ligia says:

    Dear sirs,
    I live in Brazil. I will visit Keukenhoff on 08/05/2015, what is the possibility to find the blooming? I’m having trouble buying the tickets in advance combi (Schiphol) with credit cards. Any problem buying them at the airport? What is your orientation? thank you

    1. Nienke says:

      Please sign up for the weekly flower update so you can receive it in your mailbox. At this point it is too early to tell something about the blooming begin May. It is too far away. You can buy the combination tickets at the airport without a problem. Just find the colorful flower busses at the platform outside schiphol airport.

      1. Ligia says:

        Thank you. I just signed.You are so Kind.

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