Tulips in Holland update #2 – Easter weekend 2013

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  1. Matt Phillips says:

    I know it’s virtually impossible to predict the blooming in the fields because of the cooler climate this year but, does this mean when they bloom it will be later in the year they will be cut? I have researched that they have been cut around end of April time (if my info is correct) would I be foolish to vist around 6th of may and not see vibrant tulip fields?


  2. Lou says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful photos (very talented you are) and good info. It’s the only place I’ve found for two years with accurate information. We were sorely disappointed last year when we visited there April 9 and it was too early. We took a chance and are coming a week later this year. But, it won’t be happening…again. Keep up the good work and keep the photos coming. They may be the only photos we ever end up with of Netherlands’ flowers.

  3. Nienke says:

    @ Matt – Tulips are headed just after their peak blooming. If the tulips are blooming late they reach their peak blooming also later. The peak of blooming is normally during the second half of April/first week of May. Some tulip fields are earlier some a bit later. If I look outside there are virtually no fields in bloom (looks like nature is running at least 2 to 3 weeks late) We need some warm and sunny weather to have the flowers grow and bloom. The 6th of May is normally at the end of the tulip blooming, and normally i would have said that it would be too late. At this moment i think you picked a perfect time for Keukenhof because the second half of april (in 2 weeks!) seems to me a bit early to see the fields in bloom. The only thing is if we will have a week of nice and warm weather (+15 degrees) the flowers will grow en masse en will be blooming too. So please keep an eye at this blog. I will have weekly updates and photos (and some videos) so you can decide for yourself if traveling to this area is worthwhile. Have a nice easter weekend!

    1. Matt Phillips says:

      Thanks for the info, I will keep an eye out for your updates.

  4. Nienke says:

    @ Lou – thank you for your kind words. I am surely hoping for some nice flowers when you visit the Netherlands. I will keep you posted with updates and photos. Have a nice Easter weekend!

  5. Dobie says:

    We will be there April 15. I guess we will hope for the best. Thanks for the website and updates!!

  6. Lyn says:

    You have the best information for tulip blooming updates. My husband and I will be touring fields and Keukenhof on April 25. We can hope for the warmer weather and hopefully see some blooms. I am an optimist and will enjoy the Netherlands no matter what. I will keep checking for your updates.

  7. Nienke says:

    @Lyn and @ Dobie Thank you for your kind words 🙂
    The weather forecast says warmer temperatures after this weekend. As soon as the fields are in bloom you will hear it here.

  8. Ranjeeta says:

    i plan to visit the kukenhof gardens and fields on one of the days from 20th-22nd April,reading the posts i am bit saddened that the flowers havnet bloomed yet,due to the weather still being cold…i am being optimistic i hope to see bloomed tulip fields by the time i reach.. am i right?? : ).. usually how long does it take for the tulips to bloom in the fields?

  9. Nienke says:

    @ Ranjeeta I keep my fingers crossed for you. It is very difficult to predict the blooming this year. Please keep reading the blog for the latest updates. As soon as the first tulip field is up, I will post immediately 🙂 have a good time traveling to the Netherlands.

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