Tulips in Holland Countdown – 5 months until spring time

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  1. Ahmar says:

    We am planning to visit Keukenhof and flower fields on 16 May 2014. Can you kindly tell if we will be able to catch tulips and other flowers? What is the situation of Winter and Spring in Holland this year? Is the weather on time, early or late this year? Thanks a lot.

  2. Nienke says:

    At this moment we have a very mild winter. if the temperature stays this way we will have an early springtime. Normally, after a normal wintertime, the best time to see the tulips and the flower fields is the last 2 weeks of april and first week of may. The 16th of May is generally too late to see the tulips outside on the fields. Last year was an exception due to the cold wintertime until the end of March.

    Unless we will have a extreme cold wintertime in February and March I doubt that you can see flower fields at the middle of May. The Keukenhof is always very beautiful also at the end of season. I will write a weekly flower update from the mid of March. You can read this week by week and determine what the best time for you is to travel.

  3. ahmar says:

    Thanks Nienke for your reply.

    Due to some limitations, we can either travel 16 May as I said earlier or otherwise on 7 of April. Unfortunately, in between is not possible. Given the current situation as you described, will we have opportunity to find blooming tulips in the fields and in Keukenhof around 6 or 7 of April? Thanks a lot for your feedback.

  4. Nienke says:

    Hi Ahmar, 6 or 7 april sounds a bit too early (and the mids of May too late) for tulip fields. Nature can’t be regulated. In the beginning of April we can have nice daffodil fields, some hyacinths fields and maybe an early tulip field. It all depends on the weather in the next 10 weeks. Now it is too early to tell.

    Please have a look at my Flickr Photo page and see the differences in years. Last year we had flower fields very late (In May due to extreme coldness in March) and the year before we had some early tulip fields at the end of March.

    Based on the last couple of years the tulip fields are generally starting to bloom from the second week of april so 6 and 7 april you might be lucky to see some fields in bloom but don’t expect to see large tulip fields in full bloom and color. You might find a more of yellow daffodils and pink and purple hyacinths then. But keep in mind it is nature so it can’t be predicted.

    kind regards from the netherlands

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