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New Entrance Keukenhof 2017

New entrance Keukenhof 2017
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  1. Ian Creese says:

    Do you have the dates for 2017 please?

    1. Nienke says:

      @ian Creese – The dates for 2017 haven’t been announced yet. It will be from the end of March until mid May. Exact dates will be announced around May.

  2. Y M Mittal says:

    I saw the Pictures of this Garden in year 1975, when my father went there and clicked pictures of this beautiful place, and as a small kid i wanted to visit and see this from my eyes.

    I am making effort to visit this place since last 6 years, and hopefully this year i.e May 17, I will be visiting to fulfill my long pending desire.

    Please let me know, how early in the day I can enter the Garden and up-till when i can be there.

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